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Harlem's Vicious Circle, Williamsburg's Anticipated Sequel

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HARLEM?Now that Frederick Douglass Boulevard has been dubbed Harlem's Gold Coast, it's time for folks to lodge their complaints! Writes one reader about the long-in-the-works Frederick Douglass Circle street project at the NW corner of Central Park that occasionally almost wraps up: "It's been 6 years and I'd like to know what they accomplished in those 6 years. As for me, in those 6 years, I bought 2 condo units, got married, traveled across Russia, got a dog and cat, completed a few work related projects in Africa, had a baby, and got a masters degree and PhD. I also saw at least 10 new buildings go up in the area, the opening of Whole Foods, and the gentrification of Harlem." Frederick Douglass Circle, you just got served! [CurbedWIre Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?The first Northside Piers tower has given us so much over the years, so it's weird that the Toll Brothers' Northside Piers 2 on the Williamsburg waterfront has been all but ignored. No longer! A tipster writes: "I attended the Tower 2 model residences unveiling at Northside Piers. They were showing a 1 bedroom apt and a 2 bedroom apt, both on the 15th floor. A construction worker told me they would be finished in April 2010. Both looked great." We'll have more on NP2 next week. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Northside Piers

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