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New Greenwich Villager Jude Law Already Hates NYU

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We recently espoused on the glory that is Jude Law's rented penthouse at the Novare, the condofied Washington Square Park-area church, and gave a shout-out to the duplex's roomy terrace?yours for a newly reduced $6.9 million. Well, now we understand the downside of having a large, lovely terrace in the heart of NYUville: peeping underclassmen. The Post reports that NYU students in a neighboring dorm have been tripping over themselves in a rush to the windows whenever Jude Law steps ourside to do crunches. They've been taking pictures and calling out to him, and Jude?can you blame him??isn't pleased. In fact, on one occasion he threw oranges at their windows. Memo to this penthouse's eventual buyer: Keep fresh fruit stocked.
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