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Hand and Foot Model Sues Building After Marrying Doorman

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Another morning, another addition to the co-op board lawsuit annals. Christina Ambers, who has been called the "Heidi Klum of foot models," is suing her building, 340 East 74th Street, for $10 million, alleging that the board is trying to force her out for marrying one of the building's doormen. According to the reports in the Daily News and New York Post, the building's staff allegedly refuse to get cabs for the couple and don't tell them when messengers and packages arrive. There was also reportedly -- how to put this gently -- "a painful August encounter between Rotger's private parts and the handbag of the building superintendent's wife." Says Ambers, "I hope people can understand how awful it is to come home and to then be treated with hostility in a building where I have paid a lot of money to live. Nobody should have to live this way."
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