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Huge Rushmore Duplex Can't Keep Our Eyes Off the Water Wall

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We've been a bit obsessed with the Rushmore lately, as buyers in the twin-towered development in Extell's cluster of pricey West Side "Riverside South" buildings have looked for ways to duck out of sealing their deals. But what about what's going on inside the new towers of Riverside Boulevard? We sent Curbed intern Greg O'Malley to the wilds of the Upper West Side to check out the Rushmore's #31/32, 7,200 square feet of space asking $12.45 million that is, according to its Nest Seekers listing, "The Biggest Apartment on the Upper West Side." (Though another Extell building would probably disagree.)

The condo is actually a duplex-to-be; the floors won't be combined until there's a sale. In the meantime the whole space will be staged, but we caught it in its raw form. Not wanting to pass up a good chance to snoop around the Rushmore, we also sent young Greg wandering around the building to get some shots of all those spiffy new amenities. Maybe seeing the water wall will convince a few plaintiffs to drop their cases. Serenity now!
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Riverside Boulevard at West 66th Street, New York, NY