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Can an Old Courthouse Become the Bronx's Chelsea Market?

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Numerous redevelopment plans for the old Bronx Courthouse at 161st Street and Third Avenue have fallen through over the years, turning the building into what Bronx blog Welcome to Melrose calls "a symbol of urban decay and collapse." So what to do with big ol' relic? Welcome to Melrose was invited by the owner of the building to talk about the site's future, and the blog is soliciting readers' opinions while offering up this one:

One of the ideas that I have for it (and the credit for this goes to Irwin Cohen, the mastermind behind the Chelsea Market) is to create a Bronx version of the Chelsea Market. Now as early as 2005, I read in a Q & A from the Center for an Urban Future where Mr. Cohen would like to develop such a mixed use project that is so successful in Chelsea - but with a Bronx twist and flair where the ethnic vendors displaced by the creation of the Gateway Center Mall would have a home. My idea as well as some locals who I've spoken to would be try and convince to have as an anchor in that building a Barnes and Noble open up because...if you really want to read three reasons why a Barnes and Noble should open in the space, do click through. You had us at gourmet cheeses!
· Breath of Life Coming to the Old Bronx Courthouse? [Welcome to Melrose]

[Photo via Bridge & Tunnel Club.]