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Mini-Meier's Triplex Penthouse Languishes On Market

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The triplex penthouse at 163 Charles Street, aka the Glass Townhouse, was the only apartment in the three-unit building not to sell to Solstice, a hoity-toity vacation club. The penthouse dealt with the disappointment of not being chosen as an air mattress for the uber rich by chopping and chopping again, going from $16.5 million to a svelte $11.5 million before it was pulled from the market in May. It popped back up for sale in September and has seen a couple more chops since, including an itsy bitsy $500,000 one yesterday. It's now asking $9.3 million. How low will it go? Remember, it has a two-car garage, a 180-bottle wine cellar, and a "spectacular internal stairsculpture."
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Glass Townhouse

163 Charles Street, New York, New York