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New Williamsburg Rental Building Completed in Just Two Minutes

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Union Avenue has given Williamsburg so much during the building boom, and artist Eric Hollender's studio happens to look out at one such new neighborhood frienemy, architect Karl Fischer's 405 Union Ave., now a rental going by the name 65 Ainslie. So he did what any enterprising Williamsburg artist would do in a similar situation: He took a crapload of photos and turned it all into a time-lapse video documenting the site's transformation. Witness four years of demolition and construction condensed into two minutes. If only all recent Williamsburg history could be so easily fast-forwarded.
· Ainslie Street and Union Avenue: a time capsule [Vimeo]
· 65 Ainslie []

65 Ainslie

65 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn, NY