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High Line Hardship Building Trimmed Again and APPROVED!

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Kiss those views into Diane von Furstenberg's studio from the lower half of The Standard goodbye. The Board of Standards & Appeals has approved the zoning variances being sought by Meatpacking District developers/landlords the Romanoff family to build a glassy new commercial building at Washington and West 13th Street, right up against the High Line and across the street from André Balazs's playground for the fabulous. The Romanoffs argued that they should be permitted to build big because the High Line, which cuts through the property, prevents them from taking full advantage of the site. The proposal was already run through the SizeChopper, but the approved version is even smaller?10 stories, or 175 feet tall, still 24% larger than zoning allows. The new James Carpenter-designed retail and office Mecca will be known as 860 Washington Street.

Here's rundown on the architecture and what's going in the new building:

Carpenter chose materials for the design that would reflect the industrial origins of the neighborhood, including terra cotta, zinc, and perforated metals in a range of subtle grays, along with concrete and glass. The Building will be LEED Certified, containing a large amount of recycled content. Large glass “lites” will maximize views out of the building and daylight penetration into the building, reducing the amount of energy required to provide appropriate light levels during the day time within the building. With a network of green roofs located both on the primary roof and the 4th floor setback, the building will minimize the heat island affect that occurs with most buildings in an urban environment as well as reduce the burden of storm water discharge into the municipal sewer system. This world class building encompasses ten stories totaling 116,000 square feet. The first two floors offer many options and versatility for retail space ranging in size from 11,500 to 13,200 square feet and slab to slab ceiling heights of 17’ to 25’ feet. Office space on floors 3 through 10 offer approximately 11,000 sf of rentable space per floor with 14' to 17’ slab to slab ceiling heights. In addition, the retail space also offers tenants greater flexibility given the ability to integrate the ground floor and second floor. A portion of the retail space is located underneath the High Line and includes a sky light at the High Line level offering tenants a truly unique design opportunity.

The Romanoffs even got DVF herself to say a few kind words: "As the neighbors to the north of 860 Washington Street, we are delighted that the City of New York has granted the necessary variances for this project to move ahead. As an old family of the Meat Packing District, the Romanoffs have committed to preserve the neighborhood as a destination for high-end fashion and commerce." Indeed, finally someone is brave enough to stand up for the Meatpacking District's long tradition as a, um, fancy shopping destination! Here's the old neighbor DVF must bid adieu to, via PropertyShark:

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