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Is Art-Selling Arrest the High Line's First Crime?

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Things one cannot do on the High Line?more promenade than park but it still falls under the Department of Parks and Recreation?include biking, skating, tossing a frisbee, walking a dog and stepping foot on the grass. And, apparently, selling stuff. The latest budding High Line controversy comes to us via City Room, which reports that over the weekend an activist artist was arrested near the 14th Street section of the High Line for setting up a display to sell his work, and then repeatedly refusing officers' orders to stop chasing the American dream. The vendor, Robert Lederman, has been arrested 41 previous times and has frequently used the First Amendment to maintain artists' rights to sell their doodles in public parks and other areas. But on the High Line? Sweet, innocent, uncorrupted (except for the bakery cart!) High Line? We'll let the courts sort it out, but in the meantime we'd appreciate it if all the nearby naughtiness stayed in the windows of the Standard Hotel.
· Artist Arrested for 42nd Time, This Time on the High Line [City Room]