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Tribeca's Almost-Indentical Twins Getting Ready to Rise?

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Another frozen condo project might be on the thaw down in Tribeca. We point your attention to 71 Laight Street, the cool and kind of crazy plan for the block between Greenwich and Washington Streets, where architect Morris Adjmi will replicate an existing century-old brick warehouse by building a mirror image in aluminum on the lot next door. Seriously! Together the buildings will contain 32 condos, including a pair of penthouses. The old brick building on the corner of Washington, once the home to the Ragus Tea and Coffee Company, is sheathed in a sidewalk shed and, while DOB shows that full approval still awaits, the old tenants are but a memory. This stretch of Laight, from the Hudson River to the Holland Tunnel, is seeing lots of action, with condos cropping up all around and a new patch of park going in to the west. Make room for the odd couple!
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71 Laight Street

71 Laight Street, New York, NY