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Snubbed by Google Trike, Roosevelt Island Offers DIY Tour

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The votes are in, and Roosevelt Island's Southpoint and Lighthouse Park are not among the finalists to be explored by Google's Street View Trike. (Local contenders still standing: Central Park and the Bronx Zoo). But blogger Roosevelt Islander has not lost the will to live: in fact, there is "no need for Roosevelt Island residents to despair and feel our perpetual annoyance at being ignored or slighted by the outside world." There isn't? There isn't! Because Roosevelt Islander itself has put together a DIY virtual tour of the island using 360-degree images from Google Maps. And now that we've panorama'd our way past the tram station, the Riverwalk development, the Octagon luxury rentals, the F train, and Cristedes, and had a long look over at the Manhattan skyline, we feel like we've seen Roosevelt Island without actually seeing Roosevelt Island. Which is kinda how we like it.
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