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Buyers Now Invited to Press Rewind at 54 Bond Street

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Last week the Bouwerie Lane Theater-turned-condos at 54 Bond Street unveiled a new website with some drool-worthy photos of the triplex penthouse. But, it now turns out, that wasn't the only trick Baron of Bond Street Adam Gordon had up his sleeve. He's also listed all three of the building's units together, asking $25.275 million (the sum of the three units' individual list prices). Per the combo listing: "This magnificent renovation of The Bouwerie Lane Building can easily be converted into an exquisite 11,000-square-foot single-family mansion." We started getting deju vu right around the words "single-family mansion." That's exactly what Gordon wanted to do with the property when he first picked it up way back in 2007. But he changed his mind sometime after adding new windows, an elevator, and air conditioning, and put the whole thing on the market for $36 million, which makes this a pretty sizable PriceChop even if it was interrupted by a condo conversion. Memo to any potential single-family mansion makers: Plz bring back the climbing wall.
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54 Bond Street

54 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012