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Jane Hotel Stay Interrupted By Death Down the Hall

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Lost in the hubbub over the Jane Hotel and its neighbor-enraging nightlife is what makes the historic property such a quirky little addition to the downtown boutique hotel scene: the mix of budget-hunting, style-conscious travelers cramming into $99-a-night "cabins" (bunk beds, bathrooms down the hall, etc.) and the rent-controlled tenants left behind in unrenovated rooms from the hotel's days as an SRO. One Dallas dad decided to spend a recent weekend at the hotel to visit his NYU-attending daughter, and on his blog he writes a lengthy review of his stay. It was mostly enjoyable, despite the smell that permeated the hallway of his floor and got increasingly worse as the weekend went on. He gets a number of explanations from building staff, including a maintenance guys who tells him, "Someone with really bad hygiene. And some ladies used the bathroom in there, too." The story changes, however, when the door gets sealed and a Police Department D.O.A. notice is posted. "Older guy, lived here," an employee finally fesses up. So what about the pressing matter at hand: Would the blogger stay at the Jane again?

Good question. Overall, it was a great hotel for our hostel-like needs. On the other hand, the experience had a touch of the movie “Hostel”. In my opinion, the management failed miserably. Were I running things, police-seals or not, I would have added the duct tape immediately, and covered the entire door with a drop cloth, hiding the sticker (any workers trying to enter the room would see it of course).

I would have moved everyone near the room to other rooms (perhaps they did - we were towards the far end of the hall). I would have contacted every guest on the floor with a suitable cover story - yes, a lie. Just “plumbing trouble” would do, with assurances that their health was not in jeopardy (though maybe it was? I would have checked with health authorities, and again, perhaps they did).

The Nightmare on Jane Street blog has been eerily silent since October 7, but let's not jump to any conclusions.
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