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Curbed Solicitations Dept.: Name the Decade's Best Buildings!

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Greetings, Curbed readers. We're breaking the fourth wall to bring you this exciting announcement: We have some exciting announcements! Or do we?! Wait, do we? Getting some nods from across the office. Okay then! Yep, surprises are in store in the coming weeks, but here's one big idea we'd like your help with right now: we're putting together a countdown of the best new buildings of the '00s. We're not sure if it'll take the form of a Top 10 list, but we are sure that it'll include input from architects, writers, experts and, brace, Curbed readers! Interested? Yay!

Residential, commercial, cultural, hotels, tall, small, glassy, bricky, wavy, starchitects, anonytects, Manhattan, Staten Island?anything goes! Even conversions/additions if the original structure was majorly fiddled with (we're talking along the lines of a Porter House or 2 Columbus Circle, not that we're endorsing either candidate.) As long as it was built since 2000 in NYC, it's fair game. Either in the comments on this post or via e-mail to (if you'd like to keep anonymity/be credited by name), we're looking for nominees for the list and brief descriptions of what makes each building so great. From those suggestions we'll assemble the list and include bits of submitted commentary. A perfect science? No, but it's a fun way to close the book on the building boom, right? Now do your homework!