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On the Market: Hansel and Gretel's Bay Ridge Hidey Hole

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We don't often venture into the far reaches of Brooklyn, but we make an exception for Bay Ridge's Gingerbread House at 8220 Narrows Avenue. James Sarsfield Kennedy designed the 6BR, 3.5BA mansion in 1916. Past owners have been tight-lipped about what's behind all that stone and imitation thatch, which means, of course, rampant speculation! One person claiming to be familiar with the house told the Brooklyn Paper back in '07 that it "has a bowling alley in the basement and a revolving garage door. All they have to do is push a button, and the entire garage floor shifts so they never have to back out." Or is that all just a cover story to protect the cast of fairy tale characters hiding in the basement? See for yourself for $12 million.
· Listing: The Gingerbread House [BHS]

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