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Construction Watch: Enrique Norten's Hi Line Hotel Growing

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With all the attention going to TEN Arquitectos' big equine ziggurat in Hell's Kitchen, a more discreet new project from this busy team, called the Hi Line Hotel and planned for 516 West 27th Street near the, you guessed it, High Line has been flying under the radar. The meshed-up madness from Mexican starchitect Enrique Norten has started to rise with concrete now reaching the fifth floor. It will eventually rise to nine stories and be fronted with metal mesh to keep the local clubbers from seeing too clearly what's going on inside (peepers can head south if that's what they're looking for). A glass elevator will glow in the dark, keeping things illuminated for those pulling all-nighters next door.

This block is construction crazy, and across the street two buildings are topping out and look to be a set of bookends for the block: beyond the High Line to the east is 303 Tenth Avenue and just to the west is +Art. Both are square and getting covered in bricks; one is showing infamous Fedders cut-outs. Neither has hotel rooms, so the Hi Line will have that market cornered.
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516 West 27th Street New York NY 10001