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New Condo Building Successfully Achieves Gritty Williamsburg Look

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It took a heck of a long time for Williamsburg's The Metropolitan to replace an old steel shop and slap on its face of Jerusalem stone, but this 42-unit condo creation is already in need of an extreme makeover. A tipster passes along some fresh photos of the building at 349 Metropolitan Avenue, now sporting a style more in line with today's squatter-based Williamsburg economy. Our tipster adds: "Note how the glass is missing from the entranceway. I'm guessing they removed it to clean off the graffiti or someone smashed it." The Corcoran listings have long since vanished and we assumed the building was a total ghost town, but records show that one buyer closed in July 2008 on a first-floor unit for $339,700. Guess he didn't see the crane tipping as a bad omen.
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349 Metropolitan Ave

349 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The Metropolitan

349 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY