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At This Rate, Pierre Apartment Could Be Free By Next Spring

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While most of the country was in transit for Thanksgiving last week, the sellers of apartment #2504/5/7/3 at the Pierre Hotel tried to sneak in a price cut under the radar. The 3BR, 3BA apartment, listed by Sotheby's fantastically named Royce Pinkwater, hit the market at the beginning of the month asking $17 million. The ask is already an 18-percent-lower $14 million. For those who like their savings broken out, that's $150,000 off for each day the apartment has spent on the market. If our hasty abacus calculations are correct, at that rate, the sellers will be paying us to take the apartment off their hands by the first week of March. Even with the brokerbabble warning that "this superb home needs some renovation to achieve absolute perfection," that's a green shoot we can nurture!
· Listing: Pierre Hotel [Sotheby's]
· 795 Fifth Avenue #2504/5/7/3 [StreetEasy]

The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065