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Williamsburg's Keap Street Lofts Hang On To Industrial Feel

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Location: 471 Keap Street, Williamsburg
Size: 13 lofts configured as one- and two-bedrooms
Prices: $349,000 to $539,000
Architects: Bricolage Designs (conversion)
Developer: Treetop Development
Sales & Marketing:
Lowdown: Williamsburg's Keap Street Lofts at 471 Keap Street -- which began life in 1910 as an industrial building -- hit the market earlier this month with a DJ'd party featuring white wine, cheese, and burgers. The highbrow-lowbrow combo seems to have done the trick, because according to the folks at, offers have been accepted for six of the 13 units, which we guess means the building won't have to go to auction like that other TreeTop property. The apartments range from 654 to 926 square feet. But those are just numbers. What do the lofts actually look like? The interior fixtures are done in a "rustic industrial vernacular," which apparently means oak floors, glossy white tile, and bright orange kitchen cabinets, "referencing construction barriers." In case you want a memento of the neighborhood's stalled development days.
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Keap Street Lofts

471 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY

471 Keap Street Lofts

471 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Keap Street Lofts

471 Keap Street, Brooklyn, New York