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Deck The Halls With Holiday Handouts

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We're reviving a holiday tradition a few days early this year: the annual Curbed discussion on holiday tipping for building employees. As usual, we're running the now classic memo once handed out by a Brooklyn super for one take on tipping practices. But that memo hails from the golden pre-recession days, so what to expect this year? One mystery co-op has already banned holiday tipping altogether. But for those looking to fall somewhere between Scrooge and Santa, Brick Underground has put together an "anecdotally-derived range" of suggested tips:

Super, resident manager: $75 – $500 ($100 - $150 avg)?
Doorman, concierge: $50 - $250 ($50 - $150 avg)?
Porter, handyman: $10 - $75 ($20 - $30 avg)?
Garage attendant: $25 - $100 ($50 - $75 avg) Cash (or check) is king; cookies are appreciated but don’t count.

What say you, commenters? Is the anecdotal range appropriate, or do you have other tipping suggestions?
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