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Launches & Releases: Architizer, Tri-State Property Exchange

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To those who say the Internet is a cold, dead and overall wothless place, we say: Try these!

1) Architizer: Porn fiends, book lovers and Norwegians all have their own social networking sites, so why not architects? Well, now they've got one! It's Architizer, which not only is a Facebook for architects, but also allows individuals and firms to share info on projects and, you know, find jobs and stuff. Some folks at cool firms have already signed up, but unfortunately you can't friend Karl Fischer. Yet. [Architizer]

2) Tri-State Property Exchange: To be honest, we have no idea what this listings site is all about. Something about matching up home-sellers who might want to sell their homes to each other? Something like that? Who cares, this one is all about the back story. It was founded by twin Maxim models/entrepreneurs from Staten Island, and Max Abelson tells their story. Real estate domination is just the start: "Once we get this up and running, it’s not going to take up too much of our time, and we can focus on other things, and just keep an eye on this." [Tri-State Property Exchange]