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The Very Curious Case of 365 Broadway

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Strange things are afoot at 365 Broadway, an adorable six-story building dating back to around 1920 that falls just a bit outside the Tribeca East Historic District. Last April the telltale signs of construction went up around the perimeter, and it was discovered that following a $32 million sale in 2007 the commercial building was headed for a 20-unit residential conversion. Case closed! But wait, now a tipster writes that this conversion is more heavy-duty than first thought: "Looks like they are taking some floors down at that building. At least 1 or 2 floors have already been removed." And so begins the curious case of 365 Broadway.

We dug into the DOB's online paperwork on the property to look for answers and came up with some interesting results. As noted in our previous post on the building, the original architect, Ira J. Benlevi, was replaced on the project. Now Benlevi, who was once suspended for bribing DOB inspectors, is back on the project. Hey, everyone deserves a second chance.

Back to the construction, the original application had the "proposed enlargement" box checked off as a no, but "partial demolition" was a yes. The job description was "alteration of existing 2nd to 6th floor...installation of new stairs and elevators." However, the Schedule A for the current job shows new seventh and eighth floors (each with four apartments) plus a new roof deck. So it appears some floors are being "altered" to oblivion and then built back up above and beyond. Like we said, curious!

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365 Broadway

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