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Tipping Point: Co-op Bans Holiday Handouts to Building Staff

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The legendary December 2005 gratuities memo composed by a Brooklyn super may have to be retired if this shocking bit of news catches on. According to one message board poster over at UrbanBaby (brought to our attention by Brick Underground), a mystery co-op has settled the age-old question of how much to tip building employees come holiday time by doing away with tipping altogether. Brace:

SANTA CLAUS CAME EARLY!!! Just got a notice from our co-op board: "In response to past complaints about favoritism, and in light of the current recession that has dealt a significant blow to many of our shareholders, the board of directors of (XYZ Building) has implemented a strict "no tipping" policy for the building staff." THANK YOU SANTA!!!Reaction in the UrbanBaby comments is mixed, with some supporters writing that doormen and other staff are already paid more than enough, while others criticize the Scroogeness of the board's action. Maybe fruit pies can be a happy compromise?
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