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CurbedWire: Goldman Lights Up FiDi, Thom Mayne Speaks!

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FIDI?We're used to gazing out from our Palazzo Chupi penthouse (William J.B. Brady is our pseudonym) and seeing lights glowing atop 7 WTC, but it looks like another new FiDi skyscraper has joined the light show. A tipster writes, "This evening includes new lights atop the Goldman Sachs HQ." Welcome to the party, rich dudes! [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?This Saturday at the Great Hall at Cooper Union, the Institute for Urban Design is putting on a free-of-charge symposium titled Arrested Development: Do Megaprojects Have a Future? (Curbed is a proud sponsor!) We're most intrigued by the final roundtable in the three-part event, a discussion on "megaprojects in the metropolis" featuring Morphosis' Thom Mayne. Tell 'em how fun his slide is! [CurbedWire Staff]