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O'Toole Suit Lives With Help From Friends (Of the Court)

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After the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved St. Vincent's Hospital's supercontroversial hardship application to demolish Greenwich Village's O'Toole Building a year ago, a community group, Protect the Village Historic District, filed a lawsuit against Landmarks. The folks at PVHD alleged that Landmarks didn't give enough thought to non-demolition options for the "Overbite Building." The lawsuit's still alive and kicking, as we discovered when an e-mail from the Municipal Arts Society dropped into our inbox this afternoon. MAS says it isn't taking sides on whether the hardship approval was the right move. But along with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and a few other neighborhood groups, it's filed a friends of the court brief to help the court make its decision. We're no legal eagles, but phrases like "the LPC's application of the Landmarks Law was in error" sound a bit like taking sides to us.
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