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NYU's Dog-Curbing Demands Rile Village Preservationists

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NYU is not the most delicate when it comes to sensitive matters of historic preservation, and now the Purple Village Eaters have really gone and done it, by putting up new signs! (The bastards.) We're talking about architect I.M. Pei's modernist?and fugly, some would say?Silver Towers superblock near Washington Square Park. The whole complex, including the open grassy space with the kooky Picasso sculpture, was landmarked last year. But NYU has been posting signs on the grounds without Landmarks Preservation Commission approval, and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is pissed. In a letter to the LPC (reprinted after the jump), the guardians of the Village rail against these "intrusions" that are "5' tall or more." The horror! But to be fair, the LPC did fire off a warning letter in August about the illicit installation of "signage and canine hygiene stations." A follow-up Notice of Violation could result in fines. In NYU's defense, how else will people know they're supposed to pick up their dog's shit?

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