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Floating Self-Sufficient Artist Commune Gets Landlocked

From the artist who brought you the floating autonomous commune Waterpod comes Air Ship Air City, another "autonomous living system," this time for landlubbers. Mary Mattingly has gotten the go-ahead from the folks at 33 Flatbush Avenue's Metropolitan Exchange Building to install this crazy structure, also called "Flock House," on the roof. It will include "a chicken coop, a laboratory, and a sleeping area for an intrepid ecologist" (named Mary Mattingly, perhaps?), according to the Brooklyn Paper. It will also have "human nest outdoor couches," which we've tried and failed to visualize. The apartment -- which Mattingly says could have complete sustainability in its future if it harvests the building's kitchen compost and collects sun and wind energy -- should go up in the spring. It will be replacing "Fab Tree Hab," a tree house that's designed to comfortably house a family.

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