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Curbed Hamptons: $18 Million Listing Now $25 Million

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1) Late ad legend Phil Dusenberry's North Haven home thudded onto the market in late October to the tune of $18 million. But instead of making like the market and PriceChopping, it upped its price today to $25 million. The listing for the 6,800-square-foot, 5BR, 6.5BA home advertises its pool, positioned so that the resident won't have to look at it during the off-season.

2) East Hampton's Swan Cove sold quickly this summer to investment banker Peter J. Solomon, who was rumored to have paid a bit less than the $22.5 million ask. The official docs are now out, and Solomon actually paid $19 million. Bar-gain!

3) Hamptons broker Tina S. Fredericks dished to the Star this week about selling Eothen, Andy Warhol's estate in Montauk, which Warhol and Paul Morrissey bought for $225,000 in 1971. Eothen sold in 2007 for close to 2007, but the juiciest detail in Frederick's interview is actually that Andy Warhol hardly ever hung out at the house. Why? "His toupé kept blowing away."
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