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Rebirth of Lower Manhattan Pauses to Applaud A-Rod

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When a flotilla of steroid abusers carrying a large gold trophy slowly makes its way up Broadway while being cheered by hundreds of thousands of maniacs throwing garbage in the air, it's only natural for the construction crews charged with assembling Lower Manhattan's many infrastructure projects to stop and take a look. But not everyone is happy about the workers taking a timeout to cheer on the Yanks' 27th World Series championship. NewYorkology points out that the Deutsche Bank demolition, which only got restarted this Wednesday after 873,000 delays, was briefly put on hold again. And then there's the Curbed reader who sent us the above photo of the Fulton Street Transit Center, which also has sprung to life lately. Commence rant!

Yankees, come thru, all work stops! Workers are all lined up against the wall watching the parade...on the clock! Now it'll take longer because they need to hire additional men to clean up the ticker-tape paper. Gotta love union labor!C'mon, Mets fans, this is no way to vent. Give 'em a break!
· No surprise [Twitter/@NewYorkology]

Fulton Center

Fulton Street and Broadway, New York, NY