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Curbed Inside: Harlem's PS90 Gets Un-Schooled

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[Photos by Will Femia]

We're a little late for back-to-school night, but this week we ventured up to former Development Du Jour PS90, at 220 West 148th Street, to get a look at the recently-unveiled model unit and the state of construction. The development was once a public school building, and its most gothicy features -- gargoyles! -- are sticking around for its next life. But the interior has been gutted to prevent all disturbing middle school flashbacks (though schoolhouse-y light fixtures planned for the hallways may be a trigger). The amenity package also includes a work room where residents can pursue messy projects like furniture painting without having to ask for a pass to study hall. We're not sure the adaptive reuse awesomeness and Yankee Stadium views will be enough to lure buyers uptown -- according to the listings, one contract's been signed -- but we'll find out on the first day of school occupancy in mid-2010.
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PS90 Condominium

220 West 148th Street, New York, NY


220 West 148th St., New York, NY