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Park Slope Mystery Ads Were for Ugly Condo Building

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For the past month or so Park Slope has been under assault by a guerrilla marketing campaign asking, "What's 21123?" The question appeared on sidewalks, on stickers and, most amusingly, on rollerbladers cruising through the neighborhood. Those looking to solve the riddle where directed to a website with a mysterious countdown. Well, the secret has been revealed: It's 211 23rd Street, a new South Slope/Greenwood Heights condo building that once wore the mark of Robert Scarano, but now lists architect Michael Muroff on permits. The building's new website ("Live like a celeb!") has all sorts of construction shots and info, including that the large studio and 1BR units are priced from $563,000 to $756,000. Oh, and about those ads. They'll soon be erased off the face of Brooklyn.
The developer and ad firm responsible will clean up after themselves:

Leewood and Pier 41 are conscious of their civic responsibilities and are arranging to send street teams in not only to clean up after the campaign, but to clean up other stickers and posters as well, leaving the neighborhood cleaner than before the campaign started. There were no complaints made to the street teams and residents seemed to enjoy the campaign, especially the rollerbader tricks, T-shirt giveaways and, of course, the mystery of it all. The objective was to create a buzz and get noticed in a world deluged with advertising messages. More buzz from the press release: "21123 is design, 21123 is high tech, 21123 is luxury." 21123 is hot cocoa on a nippy evening. 21123 is a winning lottery ticket found on the sidewalk. 21123 is your father telling you you're no longer a failure. 21123 is, well, you can fill in the blank.
· The 21123 [Official Site]