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Battery Park City's Most Dangerous Benches

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We weren't alone in wondering what a crazy bird habitat proposed for a Battery Park City rooftop would do to the windshields and umbrella sales of Lower Manhattan, but little did we know that the neighborhood is already caught up in a shitstorm! An "immature black-crowned night heron," the Broadsheet Daily reports, has apparently taken up residence on the Battery Park City esplanade just outside, heh, Steamers Landing. Very immature, it seems! More ornithology:

Previously Battery Park City bird watchers had spotted an adult black-crowned night heron fishing on the bow line of a yacht in North Cove Marina. At that time, there were heavy deposits of guano outside Steamers Landing, and some people speculated there was a nest hidden in the linden trees. The guano is still there, with fresh deposits daily.It used to be that Battery Park City residents only had to worry about stuff falling on them from the new Goldman Sachs HQ. Now, well, look out above! Everywhere!
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