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DoBro Rental Apocalypse Delayed By Two Weeks

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A tipster wrote in earlier this week to let us know that move-ins at Avalon Fort Greene -- one of the poster children for DoBro's advancing rental apocalypse -- have been delayed. According to our tipster, residents who were originally supposed to move in this week and next haven't been able to, and they also haven't had a firm occupancy date for setting up their cable and getting their furniture delivered. Distressing! We checked with the folks at Avalon Fort Greene's parent company, AvalonBay, who told us that "construction delays" had pushed back occupancy. We were in a servicey mood, so we nailed down some move-in dates: anyone whose move-in has been delayed can occupy their apartments on the 14th and 15th. Everyone else can move in starting on the 17th. And the cable guy is now standing by for your calls.
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