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New Cooper Union Building's Secrets Revealed!

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[Photos via Musings on 'point.]

Sure we've already had our epic interior reveal of Thom Mayne's new Cooper Union building on the Bowery, but that only touched on the big ideas: the atrium, the spider webs, the views, etc. What about the building's secrets? The stuff we've yet to see, like the crumpled wire mesh (above) on the ceiling of the cellar auditorium. And the urinals! Plus, let's not forget the symbols of a Cooper Union education, like occupied artists' studios and creepy heavy machinery. Well, thanks to Greepoint blogger Musings on 'point?a Coop alum who recently got a tour of 41 Cooper Square?all that stuff is now on view. Check out the gallery for some new looks inside the mothership, and then click through for more meshy mindfuck action.
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