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Check Out These Nice Pieces of Glass

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Say what you will about the lasting legacy of glassitechture, but the stuff does seem to photograph well, no? Curbed Photo Pool contributor MaoSayWhat just dropped a couple shots in the CurPhoPoo of a pair of Curbed favorites that we just had to share. Above, architect Audrey Matlock's cloud-reflectin' Chelsea Modern, also known as that wavy blue thing near the High Line.

And there's our Greenwich Village muse, William Pedersen's One Jackson Square. We finally made it inside the place recently, but we kind of prefer looking in rather than out.
· Photo: Chelsea Modern [Curbed Photo Pool/MaoSaysWhat]
· Photo: One Jax [Curbed Photo Pool/MaoSaysWhat]

One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006