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Extell Buildings Veiled As They Await Landmarks Judgment

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Extell Development's 225 West 57th Street and connected 1780 Broadway will make their first appearance in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission tomorrow. The LPC started the landmark designation process without agreement from the developer -- ruhroh! -- in July. Extell and a number of City Council members are against landmarking the site, where Extell had planned a $1 billion-plus commercial building, but preservationists are now fighting for the 1909 "Automobile Row" structure. Extell's suggested compromise: landmark 1780 Broadway and demolish 225 West 57th Street. In the meantime, a poster over at the Wired New York forum noticed that both buildings are shrouded while they await their fates. Will it be the shield or the wrecking ball?
· 225 West 57th Street [Wired New York]