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Ratner Pushes Anti-AYers' Buttons, They Take The Bait

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As Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner battles the approximately 547 lawsuits filed against the project over the past month, Crain's drops in with a flattering profile of "Tenacious B" (which is what we're calling him from now on). The profile praises Ratner's commitment to what he calls the "civic project" that is AY, but even Tenacious B gets a little testy at moments:

Initially, the project called for four office towers, but by early this year, only one was on the drawing boards. Asked when it will go up, Mr. Ratner responds with a question: “Can you tell me when we are going to need a new office tower?” He has no intention of sharing the designs for the complex. “Why should people get to see plans?” he demands. “This isn't a public project. We will follow the guidelines.”

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, when will you learn not to provoke the anti-AYers? The folks at Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn have already filed four reaction posts to the profile, including a dig at the Nets' 0-7 record (ouch). Atlantic Yards Report's Norman Oder offers up a dissertation-length response that includes a few alternate nicknames for good ole Bruce. Informal poll! What's your favorite Ratner moniker?
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