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Two Pricey West Village Pads Suddenly In Contract

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For those trying to sell NYC property during a recession, here's something that might help: God. 92 Charles Street, owned by one-time Bible Park U.S.A.-builder Armon Bar-Tur, is in contract. The 1836 4BR, 4.5BA townhouse has been on the market since October 24, asking $14.95 million. Bar-Tur's biblical amusement park project was suspended earlier this year, but we guess it's the idea that counts with the Almighty.
The west penthouse at FLAnk's 385 West 12th Street, the copper-covered building still waiting for its copper, is also in contract, according to StreetEasy. Without divine intervention, the sales process on this one moved a little more slowly -- it first hit the market in September '08, asking $13.5 million. It failed to sell, but popped back onto the market at a PriceChopped $12.5 million at the end of last month and, voila!, contract.
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385 West 12th Street

385 West 12th Street, New York, NY