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Pre-Renovation Park Slope Property Is A $2M Blast From The Past

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Welcome back to Tuesday Townhouse: A look at a new-to-market townhouse that is rocking our world. Today, we head to Park Slope.

The listing prose for this "in need of a full renovation" townhouse at 540 4th Street makes us feel like we're in one of those BBC period dramas where even the supposedly poor characters get to live in spacious houses. (Kids, grown-up life doesn't work like that in this century.) This townhouse contains: "six original mantels, pegged parquet floors...wood-beam ceilings, stained & leaded glass built-ins...oversized full-width bedrooms...grand formal dining room, and a windowed English basement." The listing promises the property is priced as befits its pre-reno status, at $2 million. Buy now, join the landed gentry.

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