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Luxury Property Trio in Pre-Foreclosure, Including Sloane Mansion!

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We got our first hint that the owners of the Sloane Mansion, the 36-foot-wide, 18,267-square-foot townhouse at 18 East 68th Street, were feeling motivated to sell when the mansion came back on the market asking $39 million, down from last year's asking price of $64 million. It was purchased in 2007 for $20 million by an LLC connected to the founding partners of the banking firm Capstone, which spent another $11 million buying out the remaining tenants in the carved-up mansion. "The owners have a real need to sell in the first quarter of next year, or sooner," an adviser told the Observer. And how! The fine folks at PropertyShark just gave us the heads up that Sloane Mansion creditor Madison Realty Capital has submitted a pre-foreclosure filing on the $14 million mortgage, paperwork known as a lis pendens. It may only be the first step on the increasingly well-trodden path to foreclosure, but who would've thought the uber-exclusive Sloane Mansion would one day wind up in the same sentence as the F-word.

Word also came from PropertyShark about two other high-end properties facing lis pendens filed in November. Creditor Chase Home Finance was spurred to action on the $3.4 million mortgage on the fourth floor apartment at 24 East 21st Street, also known as former Development Du Jour Infinity Flats (where the Mets' David Wright lives in the penthouse). That unit is on the market right now for $4.2 million.

And a Park Slope townhouse at 524 Third Street is facing a $1.625 million lis pendes. The three-story landmark home is on the market for $2.8 million. We don't wish foreclosure on any property, but imagine an auction starring these three headliners.
· 18 East 68th Street [PropertyShark]
· 24 East 21st Street #4 [PropertyShark]
· 524 Third Street [Property Shark]

24 East 21st Street

24 East 21st Street, New York, NY