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Target's High Line Pop-Up Shop, Nolita Gets Sexy, More!

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) MePa: The three craziest things about Target's pop-up shop opening tomorrow in the Meatpacking District: 1) It's right under the main High Line entrance on Ganevoort Street. 2) It appears to be made out of gingerbread. 3) Customers don't actually step foot inside the store. It's a drive-thru?er, a walk-thru!

2) UES: And the winner of the most insane Christmas tree of the year is Donna Karan, who had an employee pluck every needle off a 12-foot tree before painting it white and blasting it with glitter. It's now in DK's Madison Avenue store, and it's intense.

3) Nolita: Just in time for Christmas, a kinky erotica boutique called Coco de Mer has opened on Elizabeth Street. Your mom's been asking for a $1,076 corset, right?

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