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Soho Doorman Helps Himself to Penthouse Power Nap

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Imagine coming home from a European vacation a week early?ready to retire to your multimillion-dollar Soho penthouse?only to walk in and find the building's doorman catching some shut-eye in the guest room. That's precisely what happened last Friday, a broker friend tells us, and he's got the angry e-mails to prove it. Turns out the exchange is being forwarded amongst the brokerage community to bring a few Holiday smiles to their faces. Hey, it's all fun and games until it's your privacy being invaded by a sleepy member of the help, right? The names were blacked out on the correspondence, but we added a bit of redlining to maintain everyone's anonymity. Sorry, we were sworn to secrecy on the identity of the building, but Soho's not that big.