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DoBro's Oro Now Approved To Throw Money At Buyers

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It's beginning to feel a lot like the season of new marketing strategies (and new photos, right) down at DoBro's Oro condo. According to the latest press release from the development to whiz into our inbox, the building has secured FHA approval, which gives buyers the opportunity to qualify for 96.5 percent financing. More randomly, the building -- which is now more than 40 percent sold and 35 percent occupied, according to its PR folks -- has also been approved for Veteran's Administration loans, which can finance up to 100 percent of a purchase. With the condo's new rent-to-own option and earlier 25 percent PriceChop and model unit spruce-up, DoBro's ghost tower is making a pretty strong bid for reanimation -- or maybe just for a victory in the Edge Challenge.
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