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New Dog Taught Old Tricks in East Willamsburg

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From a far-off corner of East Williamsburg a Curbed correspondent sends in some photos of 276 Devoe Street, described as "Versailles-meets-Miami-meets FAR East Willie. I can only hope they put a fountain out front." The building may look like a survivor from another era, but in fact it's brand new construction. The apartments are now for rent, and right now they range from $1,400/month for a tiny studio up to $2,250/month for an 800-square-foot 1BR. We searched DOB records for an architect to attach this interesting creation to, but the only name we came away with was an engineer's. Corcoran has put some of the listings online, but the interiors seen in the gallery above come from Certainly brings new meaning to the term "instant classic."
· 276 Devoe Street [StreetEasy]

276 Devoe Street, Brookyn, NY