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Lower Manhattan's New Body of Water a Blast From the Past

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Most New Yorkers know Collect Pond Park as?wait, they don't know it all. It's a tiny patch of asphalt in a Tribeca/FiDi/Chinatown no-man's-land that only grabs our attention when a bit of wacky public art comes along. But little Collect Pond Park has some big plans, the Tribeca Citizen reports. The park gets its name from a long-gone pond that used to be on the site, and now that history will be honored with a renovation scheduled to begin this July. The LMDC-funded plan calls for a new pond bisected by a metal walkway, and enough new plant life and seating areas to make you think Bryant Park if you squint hard enough. Yup, courthouse employees may soon have a new al fresco spot to dine on their lunch-hour street meat. We say "may" because it looks like the schematic plans (bigger look after the jump) were first submitted in 2008. Are they really not buried in a watery grave?

· Collect Pond to Live Again [Tribeca Citizen]