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Brokers Agree: Village Triplex is 'The Best' Mansion-for-Rent

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According to Citi Habitats, this bonkers four-bedroom triplex at 508 Laguardia Place is (we'll spare you the caps lock), "The best Downtown penthouse mansion in town," "back after 9 long years," and asking $26,500/month in rent. According to TREGNY, it's (again, caps lock), "The best single family mansion," "back on the market" and going for $25,000/month?as well as being located in the East Village, which EV Grieve is more than happy to take some shots at. Any way you slice it, it's the best, it's back and it's expensive as hell. The pictures above come from the Citi Habitats listing, while TREGNY's show a vacant space in mid-renovation. Any takers? We could easily picture a new Real World cast getting into fisticuffs under those 30-foot ceilings.
· Listing: 508 LaGuardia Place [Citi Habitats]
· Listing: 508 LaGuardia Pl [TREGNY]

508 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY