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Madonna Buys Farm, Sea Spray Cottages To Go On the Block

1) There have been a few notable celeb real estate plays in the Hamptons this week. Designer Tory Burch has put her Southampton home on the market for $17.9 million, a bit of a loss from the $22.5 million she paid her ex-husband for the property in July '08. Meanwhile, Madonna is finally buying a 30-acre farm (without house) at 450 Mitchells Lane. She reportedly paid under $10 million for it.

2) The Sea Spray Cottages in East Hampton will go on the block in February, with 13 cottages on offer. The starting bids for the as-is cottages are $30,000 for one-bedrooms, $38,000 for two-bedrooms, and $55,000 for three-bedrooms, and leases run May to September.

3) Amagansett residents are asking for better historic preservation in the village. Specifically, they want the East Hampton Town Board to change the word "should" in the local preservation guidelines to "shall," in the hope that the extra emphasis will be enough to deter the less history-conscious. No ranting? This strikes us as suspiciously low-maintenance.
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