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NYU Digs Deep and Comes Up With Gould

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NYU, ever hungry for more space, is nearing completion on a big dig of some of its old grounds, Gould Plaza along East 4th Street. This is the University's Stern Concourse Project, part of a plan from architects Perkins + Will to connect not only buildings and community but...the entire planet. They've demolished and rebuilt the Shimkin Basement down below, put in some Apple-like glass stairways and covered swaths of the outdoor plaza with glass, all in an effort to bring light to the subterranean netherworlds where the best minds ponder the problems of the universe. Up above in Gould Plaza, things still look a bit bleak and barren, despite all the new openness and glass. Some more green stuff wouldn't hurt, although the school's track record with trees in these parts is a bit shady.
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40 West 4th Street, New York, NY