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Midtown Safe House for Rent, Listing Poetry in the West Village

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MIDTOWN?A tipster forwards along an unusual leasing opportunity: A vault at 640 Fifth Avenue. Says the flyer (warning: PDF): "This is a unique opportunity to sublease a vault within Citibank's vault at this prime Plaza District branch location." Unfortunately no asking rent given, but there is the above pit of vault floorplan porn, what has to be a Curbed first. We're thinking one of the Plaza's Russian oligarchs might be interested in the storage space, or maybe it could be a hot new speakeasy? [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?The saga of 163 Charles Street is well documented, but here's a new wrinkle! A tipster points us to this online listing for the $9+ million property. A taste: "West Village New Townhome 50% off market price. Retire on htis Property. Recession Proof West Village, the New Yorkers Know that thru experiewnce comps history. Extraordinary value presentated to the smart investor who can raise the money beg borrow and seal but Don't miss this one!" Truer wrods never spokone. [CurbedWire Inbox/NYT]