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Miracle at Cobble Hill Church-Condos: Scaffolding Down!

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Ranking high on the list of Curbed obsessions is former houses of worship being converted into the luxury living of tomorrow. What can we say, it's the sinner in us. We especially enjoy it when this heal estate is located next to a dorm full of gawking undergrads, but that doesn't appear to be the case at Cobble Hill's Strong Place Church. Still, we won't hold it against the place, which Lost City reports just got undressed:

Cobble Hill's 156-year-old Strong Place Church, which is being converted by Baxt Ingui Architects into a condo complex, has been going on for so long that residents jokingly talk about how many decades the structure has been under construction. But the building seemed to have reached some sort of milestone last week. The scaffolding finally came off! And one can clearly see what sort of effect the workmen's labors have had on the once crumbling edifice.Lost City has more photos, which can be compared to the construction shots from the summer of 2008. Yikes, this is taking longer than an Easter mass.
· Scaffolding Comes Down on Strong Place [Lost City]